The International Friends Program creates numerous opportunities for USU's International students and scholars to better understand the US culture. Local families could invite students and scholars, and their families, to join them on major holiday get-togethers such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Students and scholars could join community members for a concert or other special event, hiking, skiing, or other activity. When requested by the Office of Global Engagement (OGE), community members may also provide a temporary place to stay in Cache Valley until housing arrangements are made. Other opportunities for students and scholars may include public speaking at local schools and/or businesses, practicing English in a non-classroom setting, and developing lifelong friendships with new friends from different cultures.


Are you interested in -

  • Getting a head start in understanding U.S. culture?

  • Sharing cultural knowledge and experience?

  • Practicing conversational English in a non-classroom setting?

  • Developing friendships with the Cache Valley community?

  • Joining an American family at their home for a major holiday get-together?


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