Students will enjoy visits to schools, civic groups and community service organizations, both to learn more about the larger community of Cache Valley, and to find ways to give meaningful service alongside community members.

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These are organized on a regular basis share cultures and focus on helping students practice their English with American USU students as well as members of the community.


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These are held to bring larger groups of students and members of the community together. They include activities like the International Student Banquet, other International festivals, hiking, back-to-school party, and other get-togethers.


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Local families invite students and scholars, and their families, to join them for dinner on major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Such could also be on any other occasion mutually agreed to. They could also invite students to join them for a concert or other special event, hiking, skiing, or other activity. When requested by Office of Global Engagement (OGE), they may also provide a temporary place to stay in Cache Valley until housing arrangements are made.


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The Office of Global Engagement (OGE) provides services and support for USU’s international, degree-seeking students and scholars; sponsored programs, including immigration services; international admissions; and study abroad opportunities. OGE promotes USU’s globalization and diversity by welcoming students from around the world, and sending domestic students to over 150 partner institutions in 50 countries, creating a global network on and off campus that thrives with multi-cultural perspectives, languages, awareness, and acceptance.



TEA Time is for students for whom English is a second language.  One can practice one’s English-speaking skills and improve one’s writing skills with other international students and native speakers.  It meets Wednesdays at 3:30-4:30 pm at the USU Writing Center (RWST 104) during the Spring and Fall semester.  Further details are available at  The coordinator is Hannah Penner who can be contacted at



International students and their families would have the opportunity to raise some of their own vegetables and flowers. A community friend has offered her very large garden at 35 River Park Drive for such use.  The garden is sunny and has an automatic watering system.  The garden will be organic without pesticides.  Experienced gardeners are available weekly to help and advice. Come even if you have never gardened before. River Hollow Park is just across the street for the kids to play.  However, no dogs will be permitted.  If you have seeds that you want to plant, bring them with you.  Seeds of early Spring vegetables will be available for you to choose and plant. You may contact the master gardeners beforehand if you have any questions - Hilary Shugart,,  435-213-3668 and Cheryl Brunson,, 435-213-0454.



International students and their families, community member and friends are invited to come enjoy our spectacular outdoors.  The group meets at Aggie Ice Cream parking lot for carpooling. Hikers are advised to bring your own water and snacks.  Bring your own lunch for longer hikes beginning in June. It is participant's responsibility to be sure the hike is within their ability and stamina, and to have adequate clothing, food, water, and sun protection. If raining on Saturday, the hike will be rescheduled for Sunday, subject to a leader being available for the hike. Coordinators are Nathan and Chris Hult, 435-764-1961, 435-764-2678, and .



The English Language Center of Cache Valley, Inc., teaches English, basic life skills, U.S. Citizenship preparation, and employment education to adult speakers of other languages.  These services act as a catalyst for real education-based change leading to opportunities for individual and community prosperity, self-sufficiency, and cultural integration.  USU International students and adult family members are welcome to attend.

Located at 1544 N 200 W, Logan.  For further information, contact the following:, (435) 750-6534.



Since 1972, Intensive English Language Institute (IELI) has created a supportive and engaging environment that promotes the development of linguistic and academic skills and intercultural competence necessary for international students, scholars and professionals to be successful in their academic pursuits at USU and become independent citizens and leaders in a constantly changing world. IELI is passionate about student-teacher relationships for  mutual development in and beyond the classroom, respectful and inclusive environment offering opportunity for diverse perspectives, promoting student autonomy and leadership through collaborative projects and activities, engaged learning for success in local and global communities, and continued professional and personal growth.