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A Big Thank You To Fatin (Fay) Aisyah Roslee For Redesigning IFP Website

Marty Rubin once said, “To accomplish a difficult task, one must first make it easy.” The IFP board has had a desperate need to redesign and update its website since 2016. The board struggled to find the right volunteer with the right skills to accomplish this seemingly daunting task. In June 2018, Fay graciously stepped up to the challenge. A Malaysian student and President of the Malaysian Student Association at Utah State University, Fay graduated with her B.Sc in Computer Science in Spring 2018. She and her family will return home to Malaysia in July, 2018. Under Karen Flessner’s supervision, Fay worked closely with the IFP board members to efficiently redesign IFP’s website. With patience and determination, her work on redesigning and updating the IFP website helped IFP be more effective, accessible and visible to the USU international students and scholars, and to the Cache Valley community. In the words of Jack Nickaus, “It is a great sense of accomplishment when you can take something and really think it’s really tough, and then all of a sudden you conquer it. That makes you feel pretty good.”

Fay, the IFP board wants to take this opportunity to thank you for doing an amazing job on the website. We wish you well and every success in your future career in Malaysia. We will definitely miss you here at the International Friends Program.