International Friends (IFP) helps international students and their families raise some of their own vegetables and flowers.  A community friend has offered her very large garden for such use.  The garden is sunny and has an automatic watering system.  The garden will be organic without pesticides.  Experienced gardeners are available weekly to help and advise.


Those that would like to have a garden and will be here for the summer are asked to attend meeting in the spring at the site of the garden at 35 River Park Dr.  This is in the Island area of Logan just below USU, within walking distance of campus.  There is also a bus stop on Crockett Ave a block away.  At the meeting, you will meet the other gardeners, choose a location for you garden, and decide what and when to plant. 


River Hollow Park is just across the street for the kids to play.  However, no dogs will be permitted.  If you have seeds that you want to plant, bring them with you.  Seeds of early Spring vegetables will be available for you to choose and plant.


You may contact the master gardeners beforehand if you have any questions.


Hilary Shugart                                                       Cheryl Brunson                      

 435-213-3668                                                     435-213-0454