Q: Could American friends of international students apply to and attend the events?
A: Yes. Any USU students on Logan campus over the holiday seasons are welcome to apply to the program and to participate in the events. If you plan to attend the event with another student  please give their name and contact information to

Manijeh Nouraei (435-512-3218), 

Q: My friends did not receive any information about the upcoming event. Could I forward the event information to them?
A: Yes. Please share information about this program and the upcoming events with all your international friends and their family.  


Q: I just signed up for the event. What is the next step?
A: Your application will be processed within the next few days. Within a week, we will contact you by email with the information about your assigned host family. At that point, you may make contact with your host family to make arrangements for the event.


Q: How should I contact the family?

A: You may contact the family by the provided email address or phone number.


Q: I tried contacting the family. The family has not responded.
A: Please text, call or email Manijeh Nouraei (435-512-3218), immediately. We will look into the matter for you immediately.


Q: What information should I give the host family?
A: Please let the family know if you need a ride to their home, have any special dietary restrictions, have any allergies, and/or have fear of indoor animals.


Q: The event went well. I like my host family. Could I maintain contact with the family for future get-togethers?
A: Yes. Please maintain contact with your host family as much as you would like.


Q: For upcoming events, could I request to be assigned to my previous host family? Or should I be assigned to a new family?

A: It is your choice. In your email response to us, please let us know your preference.